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  1. There's a lot more in this remake in comparison to the original game.!
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  5. Mabe Village Heart Piece locations in Zelda: Link's Awakening!
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Mysterious Forest Heart Piece locations in Zelda: Link's Awakening

Contents [ show ]. Silus Vesuius, the owner of a museum dedicated to the Mythic Dawn cult, wants to hire me for a job. He'll give me the details inside his house in Dawnstar. He helped me find the pieces. He deserves to live. Take your rightful place as my champion, or I will crush you.

I will give you my Razor. Use it to wreak havoc on Tamriel. Fill the world with destruction in my name. You are but a tool of my ambitions, mortal.

Never forget that. One final challenge. Ha ha ha. Is it worth it?

Zelda: Link's Awakening Heart Piece Guide: All Locations

The dagger is worth far more than what Silus can give you if sparing him. The only reason you'd spare him is for roleplay reasons, like Spirit Slasher. Instant kill on almost anything beats gold, anytime TZ. The Vicarstown Sentinel. If you don't kill Silus, you can't get the dagger. Categories :.

  • Fugs and Pieces, September 20th, 12222!
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  • Passions Vision.
  • Cancel Save. Objective Speak to Silus inside his house. Silus Vesuius is offering me gold to retrieve the three pieces of Mehrunes' Razor from their current owners. Drascua has the pommel, Ghunzul has the blade shards, and Jorgen has the hilt. Silus Vesuius now has all three pieces of Mehrunes' Razor and wants me to help him reforge it at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.

    Mehrunes Dagon has asked me to kill Silus Vesuius.

    Piece Synonyms, Piece Antonyms | cooguacusnosess.ga

    I will be given the reforged Razor if I succeed. Objective Kill Silus. I have killed Silus Vesuius for Mehrunes Dagon. I should speak to the Lord of Destruction through his altar. Objective Speak to Mehrunes Dagon. Mehrunes Dagon has promised to reforge his Razor if I place my hands on his altar. Objective Reforge Mehrunes' Razor.

    I refused to kill Silus for Mehrunes Dagon. The Razor is forever out of my grasp. Quest complete. Silus is dead. Whatever plans he had have died with him. Quest failed. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening. When the pieces are brought back to Silus and he leaves the museum, rarely, he will fly across the lake of the town and directly to the shrine instead of walking to it. Sometimes, if Drascua is killed, the Dragonborn may be assigned to kill her as part of the Companions.

    Because she is dead and can't be killed again, the quest can't be completed. This makes it impossible to go any further with the Companions. Killing Silus before the quest begins fails the quest, and the Dragonborn is not able to construct the dagger.


    If Silus begins attacking the Dragonborn upon arrival at the shrine, running away until he is no longer following, then fast travelling to the shrine should make him friendly again. Sometimes Silus will become hostile immediately after finishing the conversation with Dagon at the altar, even if his life was spared. This can be fixed by reloading and making sure to approach the altar from exactly the same side that Silus approached the altar.

    If the Dragonborn has a high enough bounty in the Pale, whenever Silus is approached at the shrine he will attack, no matter if the Dragonborn fast travels back and forth or not. This will not allow the quest to be finished. This can be fixed by eliminating any bounty in the Pale.

    If the Dragonborn is a member of the Thieves Guild or have the perk, any bounty can be paid off, otherwise, serving time in jail may solve the problem.

    Upon returning to Silus, he will not attack. The dialogue can sometimes skip and the Dragonborn doesn't get the option to let Silus live. This can be fixed by approaching the altar from the same direction as Silus. The location can be discovered, cleared, and the "boss" killed before starting the quest, thus leaving it impossible to complete. That way, Silus won't become hostile immediately and begs for his life to be spared instead.

    Upon defeating Drascua, her remains type of remains depends upon means of death may not be visible on the ground. The loot option is still available, although the invisible remains must be located. Best Languages for Microservices. Today microservices are a significant part of the whole digital world.

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