How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...)

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Business car insurance. Do modifications affect my car insurance? What is third party cover? Young drivers are getting a raw deal. A guide to no claims discount. Is my car insured? Is a higher voluntary excess better? A guide to car insurance fronting. All car articles and guides.

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Start a quote Go to your account. Automate your car insurance with Autosergei Never have to remember to search for better car insurance deals again. Autosergei automatically checks for better deals before you even need to renew.

Find out more Get started. Why compare car insurance? Related articles Car insurance help Fully comprehensive car insurance New driver car insurance Automate your car insurance Is my car insured?

What do We Need to Get You a Cheap Car Insurance Quote?

Frequently asked questions. It only covers the cost of compensating other people for injury or damage you cause. It could also include compensation for a number of things such as medical treatment, legal expenses and accidental damage. You might want to look into: Young driver car insurance Over 50s car insurance Black box car insurance. To find car insurance that suits you:. Start a quote with us today. Be honest, or you could invalidate your car insurance policy.

But there are plenty of things that could help you save money on your car insurance: Choose your car wisely. Increase your voluntary excess. Limit your mileage.

Build up a no claims discount. Compare our cheapest car insurance quotes. If you make a claim and it is accepted, your insurance company will ask you to pay an excess. This is money towards covering the costs of the damage. Apart for some windscreen cover, you will pay an excess no matter which policy or cover type you have. Choosing a higher excess means you share more of the risk so can save you money on your premium — or how much you pay to insure your car.

Think about how easy it would be to pay the excess if you needed to make a claim before deciding if this suits you. Maria drives into the back of Lydia's car. Her insurance company pays the rest. If you're in a car accident get the name, address and telephone number of other drivers involved. Ask for the name of their insurer and make a note of their registration and drivers licence details. If you can, photograph the damage on your phone.

Having a clean driving licence and not making claims make the biggest difference to what you pay. The type of car you have plays a big part, too. Loading content Read more on Researching cars and sellers. Very few claims are turned down, say Insurance Council New Zealand. But your insurer may question your claim or refuse to pay if you:. Not covered for what you claim for If you only have third-party insurance, you are not covered for damage you cause to your own car, eg if you reverse into a wall you will have to pay for your own repairs.

Check with your insurer what your policy does and does not cover. If your car is in an accident and it's not safe enough to pass a Warrant of Fitness, eg tyres with thin tread, your claim may be refused. Your insurer will ask if you drank alcohol in the hours before an accident. If you did, you must tell them — even if you weren't over the legal limit.

Otherwise they might deny your claim. If you have a restricted licence and cause an accident while carrying passengers, or after 10pm, your insurer may not pay. If you drive a truck when your licence only allows you to drive a car or van, your claim may also be turned down. If you name drivers on your policy, be careful not to let anyone other than named drivers use your car. If you do and they have an accident, your insurer is unlikely to honour your claim. Vehicles used for work, eg for deliveries or a builder's van, need business insurance.

You may not be covered if you damage your car while using it for work. You must tell your insurer if you have ever been charged with drink driving, driving after taking drugs, speeding or reckless driving.

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Tell your insurer if your car has been altered, eg lowered, given a custom paint job or had its performance boosted. If you have an accident, you may find you should have been paying more and your policy does not cover these modifications.

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If you are down as the main driver but your child mostly drives the car, you may not be covered if they have an accident. Your insurer needs to know if you have made any claims to other insurance companies — even if they were not successful. If you left your car unlocked in a supermarket car park for a week with the keys on the seat, and it was stolen, you may not have a claim.

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If you have had a claim refused and disagree with your insurer's decision, first take it up with their complaints team. If you can't sort it out directly, ask your insurer which dispute resolution service they belong to and get advice from them. Car insurance.

How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...) How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...)
How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...) How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...)
How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...) How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...)
How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...) How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...)
How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...) How to Insure Your Car (How to Insure...)

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