Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3)

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Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, book 3) by Larry Bond

Add to Cart. Free delivery. Arrives by Friday, Oct Pickup not available. Product Highlights Jerry Mitchell and his submarine crew find themselves surrounded by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and they create a bold plan to escape by sea. It's a desperate gamble, but it's the only way to get the proof of the Iranian plot to the U. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

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Exit Plan A Jerry Mitchell Novel

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As each attempt falls apart, time and options are quickly running out This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback. About The Author. A former Naval Intelligence officer, warfare analyst, and anti-submarine technology expert, he makes his home in Springfield, Virginia.

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Extra Content. Nadali had counseled Moradi to wait until the scientists had something to tell him. Instead of jump seats for troops, the Russian-made transport helicopter was fitted for VIP travel, with increased soundproofing, comfortable seating, and fold-down work surfaces. A few hundred meters below them, the landscape was empty and broken, painted in shades of brown and gray, with stony hills rising from the left.

It was still winter, and the morning cold did nothing to soften the desert landscape. Moradi had made the trip often, and hardly noticed the harsh beauty of the ground below. Instead, he studied a briefing prepared by the scientists and e-mailed to his headquarters that morning. A few more sleepless nights might have prevented this disaster. The facility was thirty kilometers farther to the north, surrounded by desert and rocky hills, but not isolated.

Its front gate was just south of the Isfahan-Kashan road, a six-lane highway that actually passed through the outer ring of air defenses. The enrichment site itself was a rough square, a kilometer and a half on each side. A perimeter fence enclosed the pilot enrichment plant, the gigantic buried centrifuge halls, and the support buildings for those two vital facilities. A few hundred meters out, a road paralleled the perimeter, connecting dozens of antiaircraft gun emplacements and watchtowers.

Each gun position, a pair of manually aimed 23mm or 35mm autocannons, was ringed with sandbags and sited on an earthen mound to give it a better field of fire. Farther out, a second ring bristled with even more guns: larger four-gun batteries of mm weapons, radar-directed 35mm batteries, scores of the manually aimed guns, and half a dozen batteries of surface-to-air missiles. Three early warning radars covered Natanz and the surrounding area. It was possible that Natanz was the most heavily defended place in Iran, except, of course, for Tehran itself.

The major was inexperienced, but competent, hardworking—and loyal.

Series: Jerry Mitchell

Moradi felt the helicopter descend, and he saved his notes and closed the laptop. The crew chief moved aft to open the side door, and Moradi remembered to remove his uniform cap before the rotor wash snatched it away. The blades slowed, and figures outside ran toward the open door. A few were ground crew, but most were officers, with a few civilians scattered through the group. The officers immediately fell into two ranks, and the civilians wandered about for a few moments, deciding where to stand.

There was more than a little tension between the scientists, engineers, and the military. The civilians seemed reluctant to fall in line, but finally formed a knot at one end, not quite in line, but not sticking out either. His hat was a dark olive green ball cap, matching his fatigues and emblazoned with the emblem of the Pasdaran in gold thread. The symbol was repeated on his breast pocket.

In his late fifties, Moradi was trim, almost athletic. His aide, Hejazi, was taller, but Moradi was still six foot one. Solidly built, his physical presence had always been an asset, both on the battlefield and in politics. Trimmed close, his beard was only lightly threaded with gray.

It outlined a broad, weathered face that seemed to settle naturally into an impatient scowl. It will be late this afternoon. The other jeeps were pulling away, and Nadali ordered their driver to head for the administration building. Nadali took the general to a conference room. Pasdaran sentries, armed with automatic weapons, flanked the door, and Nadali led the staff inside. When one of the civilians tried to go in the room, Nadali waved him back.

We just have some housekeeping and organizational issues to go over. As soon as the general was seated, a middle-aged major looked over at Nadali, who nodded. There were rumors that his real rank was much higher, but changed to match the assignment. His glasses gave him a professorial look, but his gaze was hard, and his tone cold.

I can find no sign of sabotage, either from foreign agents or someone inside. Rahim pulled out a notepad and flipped through the pages. My people have enhanced those measures.

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Exit Plan: A Jerry Mitchell Novel

Sabet has helped us with scenarios for sabotage, and who would have the knowledge to perform it. Everyone on the list is being watched. Most have been questioned. If Rahim had found anything amiss, the perpetrators would have been arrested instantly. I had every computer on the installation checked, as well as all personal computers in the dormitories. Every CD and flash drive was also examined. There was no sign of the Stuxnet worm. Stuxnet was a devilishly effective piece of malware that sought out and attacked the motor controllers on the centrifuges, causing them to undergo wild variations in speed.

Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3) Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3)
Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3) Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3)
Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3) Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3)
Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3) Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3)
Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3) Exit Plan (Jerry Mitchell, Book 3)

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